my hair has always been so boring…long and brown. a lot of my friends would dye there hair at home and i thought they were nuts for it. I always wanted to change up my hair but never could. i was always so scared besides the one time in 9th grade when i dyed a piece blonde..but i don’t really know why. I wanted to do something different. Ombre was the new in trend. Stars all over hollywood were doing it, but everyones came out different. i wanted to do it so bad but i didn’t want mine to look bad(like some people..) I needed a change and i needed the guts to just do it. it was only hair, if i didn’t like it, it would grow back. my friend Meghan came with me to the salon the next day and sat there with me for about 3 hours. i told the girl i didn’t want it to light on the bottom because my hair is very dark to begin with. when she was done coloring it i was so scared to look at it that i didn’t. i kept my eyes closed the entire time she was blow drying it freaking myself out of course. but when she was done i was so happy. it was just what i wanted and wasn’t to light. it was a perfect subtle change.Image


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