snowboarding = FAIL

since i was about 2 years old I’ve known how to ski. i used to go out west almost every year to Steamboat, Colorado with my family and my family friends. we always had the best times but i always used to watch the snowboarders go off the pipes and jumps and ever since then i wished i could snowboard. My family friend Steve always told me if i was gonna learn to snowboard i better buy a butt pad. a few years ago in Vermont, my friend justin and i took a snowboarding lesson and traded in the skis for a day. HUGE mistake. by the end of the lesson i had thrown my board down the mountain and was sliding down on my butt. I should have listened to steve about that butt pad. I swore i would never try it again. but of course since I’m stubborn i wanted to try it again this year on my ski trip. My family friend William who’s 10 is amazing at it so i had to try again. this time i ended my day with a sprained wrist and a 10 year old laughing at me. i was going to stick to skiing, and save the snowboards and the butt pads for the pros and obviously william.Image


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