For my sister’s 17th birthday we went to Nobu in New York City. I’m not one to becomes obsessed with food but nobu completely changed that for me. I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED WITH NOBU. it was the best sushi i had ever had and i couldn’t stop eating no matter how full i was. everything is plated so nicely that you don’t want to even touch it, but then its so good you have to order more. Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa is a celebrity chef and restaurateur known for his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients. he has many locations around the world and the one we went to in downtown manhattan is part owned by Robert De Niro (fun fact lol). i recommend going to this restaurant as soon as you can because it it truly one of the best places i have ever been to. although the waiters didn’t sing happy birthday to well my sister got an amazing chocolate coconut cake that was to die for and my parents got the bill 🙂 (which was also to die for). i hope i don’t have to wait for another birthday to go back!





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