For my sister’s 17th birthday we went to Nobu in New York City. I’m not one to becomes obsessed with food but nobu completely changed that for me. I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED WITH NOBU. it was the best sushi i had ever had and i couldn’t stop eating no matter how full i was. everything is plated so nicely that you don’t want to even touch it, but then its so good you have to order more. Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa is a celebrity chef and restaurateur known for his fusion cuisine blending traditional Japanese dishes with South American ingredients. he has many locations around the world and the one we went to in downtown manhattan is part owned by Robert De Niro (fun fact lol). i recommend going to this restaurant as soon as you can because it it truly one of the best places i have ever been to. although the waiters didn’t sing happy birthday to well my sister got an amazing chocolate coconut cake that was to die for and my parents got the bill 🙂 (which was also to die for). i hope i don’t have to wait for another birthday to go back!





snowboarding = FAIL

since i was about 2 years old I’ve known how to ski. i used to go out west almost every year to Steamboat, Colorado with my family and my family friends. we always had the best times but i always used to watch the snowboarders go off the pipes and jumps and ever since then i wished i could snowboard. My family friend Steve always told me if i was gonna learn to snowboard i better buy a butt pad. a few years ago in Vermont, my friend justin and i took a snowboarding lesson and traded in the skis for a day. HUGE mistake. by the end of the lesson i had thrown my board down the mountain and was sliding down on my butt. I should have listened to steve about that butt pad. I swore i would never try it again. but of course since I’m stubborn i wanted to try it again this year on my ski trip. My family friend William who’s 10 is amazing at it so i had to try again. this time i ended my day with a sprained wrist and a 10 year old laughing at me. i was going to stick to skiing, and save the snowboards and the butt pads for the pros and obviously william.Image


my hair has always been so boring…long and brown. a lot of my friends would dye there hair at home and i thought they were nuts for it. I always wanted to change up my hair but never could. i was always so scared besides the one time in 9th grade when i dyed a piece blonde..but i don’t really know why. I wanted to do something different. Ombre was the new in trend. Stars all over hollywood were doing it, but everyones came out different. i wanted to do it so bad but i didn’t want mine to look bad(like some people..) I needed a change and i needed the guts to just do it. it was only hair, if i didn’t like it, it would grow back. my friend Meghan came with me to the salon the next day and sat there with me for about 3 hours. i told the girl i didn’t want it to light on the bottom because my hair is very dark to begin with. when she was done coloring it i was so scared to look at it that i didn’t. i kept my eyes closed the entire time she was blow drying it freaking myself out of course. but when she was done i was so happy. it was just what i wanted and wasn’t to light. it was a perfect subtle change.Image


Over christmas break, my family and i spent our time at our apartment in Boca Raton, Florida. I was leaving in 3 days and i was so angry because it was raining and i wasn’t tan enough to go back to New York. I was sooo beyond bored i didn’t know what to do with my self. i finally convinced my dad to go do something with me so we took a drive to my grandmas house. i didn’t really think too much into that because when i got there i was more bored then i was before. On our way back to our apartment i begged my dad to go to the puppy store that had just opened. knowing we had 3 dogs back at home he said no, but finally gave in. THEY HAD THE SMALLEST DOGS IVE EVER SEEN. they were so cute and i just wanted to take them all home. but then, we saw him. the cutest, smallest black puppy ever. He was a mini dachshund just like the dogs i have at home and we needed him. I played with him for hours before my dad fell in love with him and couldn’t leave him alone in the store. i don’t know how or what was going through his head but he bought him and Louie was then a part of our family.Image